• You can sign up your child 2.5 years old
  • You can apply for a RECREATIONAL VOUCHER (REKREAČNÝ POUKAZ) for the Summer Camps at Twinkle
  • Pre-schoolers has got a Native Speaker
  • We educate our kids according to Iscd 0 along with the British Curriculum and our SpeakAndLearn Curriculum

School Fees and Enrollment

    100 eur non refundable entrance fee payd by contract subscription

In the school fees are included:

  • English Teachers
  • Hyginiec needs
  • Veggie and Fruit during the whole day
  • Celebration of Happy Birthday
  • Regular activities of each week, Trip to Farm, Theatre, Dentalalarm education
  • New Clubs: Spanish Club twice a week
  • Dancing Club
  • Clay Club
  • Spanish Club twice a week
  • Soccer Club on our soft surface new playground
  • Enviromental Club
  • Club of Biblical Stories with the External teacher (in case of interest)

Payed activities:

  • ice-skating and skiing course by Happy Kids
  • the whole year long swimming course - Swimming academy next to Twinkle
  • private tennis lessons


    100 eur non-returnable entrance fee paid by the signing the contract

Programme price
Pre-kindergarten 389 € / monthly
Kindergarten 379 € / monthly
Pre-schoolers 379 € / monthly
meals per day 4,20 € / daily
Summer Camp Week 109 € / weekly


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