About Us

Our start

Founder Twinkle English Kindergarten started with the SpeakAndLearn s.r.o.
At the begining of our SpeakAndLearn company we have learnt about 350 children per year at kindergartens in Bratislava and Trnava, Elementary schools like Matky Alexie and others. Courses with the funny method educated around 1500 children in total. Our Twinkle kindergarten is here for you 10th year.

Founder and director

Mgr. Zuzana Gríková


  • two Secondary leaving Examination - pedagogical - diploma of teaching in kindergartens and technological-chemical
  • English studies in Wimbledon school in England with final FCE Certificate
  • English studies- Advanced Certificate
  • State exam from English C2
  • State exam in Translating C1
  • Study of interpreter C1
  • University - Master deegree of Andragogica - the education of adults
  • Experience:

  • Over 6 years of training teachers for running English courses in kindergartens, elementary schools
  • Over 20 years of teaching and educating kids
  • 10 year of running Twinkle and educating with the British Curicculum

  • Teachers

    Staff image
    Miss Zuzka
    - Pre-school teacher
    A director and a founder works in the class of preschoolers as the coordinator of the education and making sure that kids are well prepared with their knowledge to enter bilingual schools.
    Staff image
    Mr Mulham
    - Kindergarten teacher
    Mr Mulham is very favourite teacher for our children
    Staff image
    Miss Katka
    - Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    She studied English and preschool teaching. She is loving, experienced teacher. She has worked for us 2th year
    Staff image
    Miss Filipa
    - Kindergarten and Pre-school teacher
    Our teacher for pre-schoolers comes from Portuqal. She has got an experience in kindergarten abroad. She is very creative and good soul for Twinkle children. She makes a lot of great progress with kids and they love her very much. She has been with us her 3d year