Dear Parents, we are offering you last free spot. We have a Native Speaker for pre-schooler children. NEW ACTIVITIES - Jolly Phonics, Spanish Club twice a week with the Spanish Teacher, Cooking Club, Gardening, Irish dancing, Clay Club, Football Club, Flute Club, Biblical Club. We have the whole year swimming course.

Twinkle, twinkle little star !

We focus on the whole child and provide opportunities to develop socially, emotionally and physically through hands-on tasks and a variety of readiness experiences in all areas of learning developmnet of our British Curicullum. Your child is encouraged to work at their level of development. Our classes has an individual approach in the small classes.

Why Twinkle:

  • As the only kindergarten we have for our kids three interactive playgrounds
  • As the only kindergarten for such UNBEATABLE fees our teachers speak only English so children learn English much faster than in bilingual kindergartens..We have international enviroment
  • We have great SMART BOARD which is used on daily basis to educate kids
  • We have a close Swimming pool built where we go during the whole year long /summer semester and autumn semester- 30 lessons for only 150 eur!!
  • As one of few kindergartens, our kids can be TRILINGUAL as we have twice a week Spanish CLUB..
  • We have great CLUBS to improve kids ability in all aspects and are free of charge…Montessory Workshops Club, Club of flute, football, Irish dancing with Adriana Sturdikova from Avalon, Clay Club and optionall Biblical Club are included…
  • We do not have any carpets but the floor heating, no towels only tissues.
  • Twinkle also have facebook where you can see what we are doing with your kids at the moment.
  • We also build a feeling for poor people in our Twinkle kids. We raise and donate school fees for the student in Africa. We bake cakes and then sell them…
  • Individual approach is our must.

Learning through experience:

  • Little Trilingual Kids: we know English, Spanish and Slovak language
  • Little Einsteins: we learn new themes on Smart Board
  • Little Artists: we have Clay Club
  • Little Painters: we have Montessory Workshops Club
  • Little Singers: we sing English and Spanish songs
  • Little Dancers: we dance Irish Dancing with Adriana Sturdikova
  • Little Pottery Kids: we have Clay lesson
  • Little Sporty Kids: We play futball on a big Football playground or we have Sport Day on our NEW SOFT SURFACE PLAYGROUND
  • Little Vets: we have alive animals coming to Twinkle or we look after our own rabbit in the hutch
  • Little Musicians: we have a Flute Club
  • Little Angels: in case of interest I am going to Biblical Lessons, where we learn stories about Jesus

Typical Day

  • 2.4. National Peanut Butter Day - children will make a bread and eat it with the peanut butter and Jam
  • 9.4. Pizza Day of Little Cooks- children are baking their own Pizza with their favourite ingridients, then baking it in our oven
  • 11.4. National Pet Day of Little Vets - children are free to bring their pets to Twinkle - we will stroke and talk about the cat, rabbits
  • 16.4. Earth Day (22.4.) for Little Planters - we will be planting our growing seedlings from indoor into outdoor garden
  • 18.4. Easter Egg Hunt on our Football Playground
  • 25.4. Premier at the Theater- Invisible - performance suitable for kids aged 3-6.
  • 30.4. Sports Day for Little Runners at our new big playground with the soft surface
  • Mondays - Montessory Workshops, Irish dancing with Adriana Sturdikova
  • Tuesday - Flute/Biblical lesson/Aaron´s Club
  • Wednesday - Futball/Spanish Club
  • Thursday - Clay Club/Cooking Club
  • Friday - Swimming lessons with Športová akadémia/Spanish Club